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A Creative Journey

Sometimes you have to reflect on where you began to know where you are going. With the start of this blog, I’d like to take time to review my work. Back in 2013, I spent many late nights in Brooklyn with friends, just trying to create.

This night wasn’t any different. My friend, Taylor Flash, often turned his apartment into a photography studio equipped with second-hand cigarette smoke. The two of us were going to shoot my friend, Priscilla. Priscilla was launching her brand at the time. The photos were for promotional usage for her website launch and business cards. 

The shoot was one of my favorites because it brought us all out of our comfort zone. We did everything ourselves from make-up and styling to lighting and editing. These were the absolutely no-budget days.

I remember convincing Priscilla to let me do her make-up after she joked about being afraid of eye shadow. The funny thing is that I’m not a make-up artist at all.

I loved being hands-on and directing the models. The mood on set is always imperative as the emotions can translate through the final image. I always made sure that we were all looking to achieve the same goal creatively. 

I filled many positions on set for a long time before I learned what it was that I truly loved. Looking back always makes me smile because even though the journey is not over, I know how far I’ve come. And luckily with friends over time.

Photographer by Taylor Flash

Model - Priscilla Lomotey

Creative Direction- Yerusalem

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