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Yerusalem LD is a force full of creativeness based in the heart of NYC. Her artistic talents pushed her to find her inter-creative self. As a published author and writer, her love for the arts, fashion, and pop culture led her to seek a career as a wardrobe stylist and fashion copywriter after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's in Advertising and Marketing Communication. 


During her London stay in 2017, she worked as a stylist assistant to Fashion Stylists Justin Rose and Sereeta Venkanah. When she returned to NYC, she continued to assist Justin Rose until 2019; furth developing her talents and unique eye, creating her clients' fashion-forward looks. Additionally, she utilizes her dance experience to produce creative concepts when working as a Creative Director on videos and photoshoots. Finally, she practices building and unifying brand awareness through visual marketing. Recently she styled Rapper Dominque and R&B Artist Jaren based in the heart of NYC.

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