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Discover Poetry


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Yerusalem LD's first book of poetry.

Crashing was self published by KDP Amazon Publishing in 2020. 

Crashing is a short collection of poetry that takes you through the journey of getting lost in a toxic relationship, finding yourself, and emerging stronger than before. It's broken into sections of love, loss, accountability, and redemption. You will be whisked away by each poem as it evokes a mood that highlights a different emotional state along the journey while being unified through sensory images and water motifs.


Inspired by the waves crashing on the beach and life's experiences of disappointment, hurt, and despair. Crashing inspires you to understand that despite life's constant crashes, each wave can pull you back to prepare and try again. A lesson that we all may need to learn when something doesn't work; don't be afraid to try again—an easy read and great addition to your coffee table collection.

"This collection of poetry is for anyone with a wild heart.
To me it told a story of feeling your way through girlhood to to fierce womanhood. Applicable to all ages- Modern, Heartfelt, Intuitive. The collection is called Crashing-
but the poems within rise like a phoenix from the ashes."

From Tanya on Amazon

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