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Girls Trip: Martha's Vineyard

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Martha's Vineyard was a place I had heard about often, but never visited, so when my homegirl mentioned that we should venture there for a girl's weekend, I leaped at the opportunity not knowing what to expect.

Martha's Vineyard is a small island in Massachusetts, south of Cape Cod. You can get to the island by air or by boat. Many different ferries travel to the island, but they were already booked up when we planned our slightly impromptu Memorial Day weekend trip. The earlier you plan to travel, the better your options, especially if you hope to bring your car into Martha's Vineyard.

My friend and I drove from New York to Steam Authority in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, in holiday traffic and the pouring rain. The drive was an hour and a half longer than anticipated; even the ferry was experiencing delays.

Still, we made it. Our first stop was the Red Cat Kitchen; you're guaranteed to have the best meal of your entire stay at this restaurant. I enjoyed the RCK Fried Chicken Redux: fried chicken on top of smokey grits and arugula, dripped in honey-sriracha. They had a variety of cocktails that complemented each meal. It was the perfect comfort food after our long arduous trip.

Waking up in Barn Haven in West Tisbury was a breathtaking experience. The house was quite spacious sporting three bedrooms, including one with two twin beds. The entire second floor housed the master suite which was equipped with a master bathroom and yoga studio. There was an outside swing on the deck and lush greenery through the yard. It is a perfect vacation spot for families, combing a bit of relaxation and seafood boils with the homies.

Martha's Vineyard is also home to Oaks Bluff, a historic black town, where free slaves sought refuge in the 18th century and purchased land from white locals. Inkwell is a famous African-American beach dating back to the late nineteenth century, its name serving as a reference to its attendees.

We didn't make it to the beach because it rained the entire time we were there; but, we did make it to the historic gingerbread cottages of Oaks Bluff. They are well-preserved Victorian-style houses decorated in whimsical gingerbread lace on the Methodist camp meeting grounds. Many of the homes are themed, featuring an array of bright colors and intricate details.

Martha's Vineyard also has a fun nightlife with a ton of local bars. The Cardboard Box, Flavors, and The Oyster Bar on Circuit Ave in Oaks Bluff were some of our favorite places. Each location was a vibe with good music and even better drinks.

Our last day, we had lunch at the Black Dog Tavern, a beautiful restaurant that sits along the water. I recommend the mussels, lobster roll, black dog chowder, and lobster quesadilla. The Black Dog logo was something I noticed from the moment we stepped on the ferry and continued to see it all over the island. There is truth in advertising, so make sure you tap into the culture and look for the Black Dog on your visit!

All-in-all it was a beautiful weekend with great friends. I look forward to returning to Martha's Vineyard in the future. Hopefully with more sunshine and less rain.

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