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Creative Breakthrough: Art Basel Edition

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Trying to calm my breath as I take my seat on my return flight to NYC. I made an extended weekend trip to Miami for my second Art Basel experience, and the festivities have come to an end.

The annual International Art Festival brings people from various walks of life together for the love of art. With the year coming to an end, I wanted to immerse myself in the culture entirely. As much as I love the art in Miami, I also came in search of creative inspiration. I find it to be refreshing; perhaps it was just the weather.

As a creative, I can be overly sensitive about my art and too timid to release content. I tend to have an elastic heart when it comes to my craft, especially when combating my own fleeting emotions.

My least favorite periods are when I'm experiencing a creative block. Despite having the urge to create, the lack of motivation and inspiration stops me from producing anything.

I have friends who encourage me to create and share the content I want without overthinking it. And they're right because, with time, your vision will become more apparent.

Sometimes a blockage is simply another step in the process, especially when you're on the verge of self-appointed greatness. I get through my creative blocks by limiting my procrastination. I like to fully engross myself in art, hoping to awaken some sense of enlightenment. I'll take myself to a museum, an open mic, find a book store, or try for a change of scenery like taking a trip.

While preparing for this trip, I found an old video that I created during my first Art Basel visit in 2017. Taylor Flash and I spent time at an abandoned church in Little Haiti, assisting a friend in the breakdown of an art exhibition and, of course, shooting in-between. It made me reflect on my journey, how far I have come and will continue to go.

Creative blocks don't come with a time limit. But the more trust you put in yourself and your process, the less likely they are to last. So after revisiting my old dance video, I've decided that it is time to share it. Or, as my friends would say, "Just post it!"


Dancer: Yerusalem

Videographer: Taylor Flash

Special Guest: Melvin Mescudi

Music: J.I.L. - All Your Words


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