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FASHION TRENDS: The Evolution of The Blazer

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

If you wondered if art imitates life, then the answer is yes. So it's not surprising to see the rise of the blazer dress at the center of Fall fashion with the current status of the United States government during the Trump era.

The pantsuit has been a symbolic staple in womenswear and the woman's fight for equality since the 1920s. Then, in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent introduced a tuxedo for women on their runway. Yet, both decades have been significant in social and political change.

The 1920's era of fashion permanently changed the idea of womenswear. Womenswear became more practical and relaxed with the end of the Victorian style of dress (and, most importantly, the corset!)

And we have the Flapper women of the jazz age to thank for that. Flappers went against the traditional norms of what women were expected to do. They are a part of the reason for the growing popularity in a less restricting way of life.

Flappers enjoyed drop-waist silhouette, relaxed garments, short bob hairstyles, and revealing more skin than ever before. They're recognized as the original independent women of America, pushing for political and social freedom.

Similar to the 1960s, the change in the style of dress, like an increase in unisex casual wear, correlates with the decade pushing for gender equality, civil rights, and desegregation.

Despite all the country's progress, the fight for equal rights still ensues. Women, people of color, citizens, and non-citizens speak up against the current president and government stature.

At the center of cancel culture, the #MeToo movement, and immigrant concentration camps, the blazer dress has become a top trend making a statement of a powerful symbol of hope and strength.

The tailored oversized blazer with an optional cinched waist is a silhouette that anyone can adopt. Take it from Rihanna, whose debut luxury line can partially credit the blazer dress trend that maybe better things are to come!

I found that the silhouette resembles the '80s — another era of women's evolution, where they invested in themselves and joined the workforce.

So I ran to the back of my mother's closet to create my version of the evolved blazer. Take a look! And most importantly, have fun creating your own!

Models: Jem Star & Yerusalem

Stylist: Yerusalem

Photographer: Jahmal Brooks

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